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The Glam Duo Liner & Adhesive Wand is the perfect tool to use for your eyelashes. The wand comes with black liner lash glue blending perfectly with your black eyeliner! The wand is a 2 in 1 tool, apply glue to your eyelashes and comb them out with the wand. It's that simple! One less step with an easy application and sturdy stay. 🔥

This liquid eye liner is definitely a life saver. Whether you are an make up artist or just simply loves make up or full look added to your lashes, say good bye to hair glue or any other messy glue that thins out the wedges of your lashes or causing it to be so thick from old glue while adding on lashes. Enhance your lashes with my liquid eyeliner that hold your lashes /liner on for a long period of time. It sticks right on, eye liner comes in black. 

our eyeliner adhesive is a waterproof liquid eyeliner that is also a glue adhesive for mink lashes. This product makes it easier to apply false lashes!!


Easy to use tool
3 Simple steps
Durable wand
Long lasting glue
Black glue blends well with eyeliner